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When A Guy Calls You Ma Am?

When a guy calls you ma’am, it’s usually a sign that he’s being respectful. But sometimes, it’s just an indication of his age.

I’ve been called ma’am by guys who were older than me, but younger than my husband. It was never meant as an insult or put-down in any way; it was just a sign that they didn’t know how to address me.

If you’re wondering whether a man calling you ma’am is a good thing or not, here are some things to consider:

He might be trying to be polite

If your date is addressing you as ma’am when he first meets you, there’s probably nothing to worry about. He could be trying to be polite — even if he isn’t exactly sure how old you are. If he’s introducing himself and saying “It’s nice meeting you,” and then immediately calling you ma’am, that’s probably his way of saying he recognizes that there may be some age difference between the two of you.

He might be older than he looks

As I mentioned above, I’ve had guys call me ma’am who looked young enough to be my son — but were actually older than me by more than 15 years! If this happens.

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Last modified: October 28, 2022