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WhatIs Mark Sheet ?

A mark sheet is a document issued by a school, university or other educational institution to indicate the marks secured by a student in one or more subjects in an examination. It also contains information such as the name of the student, roll number, class and year of study, and the subject name. It may be called a certificate, report card or transcript.

In most countries, schools provide students with mark sheets at the end of each term (or semester). The purpose of this is to inform parents how well their child has done academically during that period. Mark sheets are also used as proof of academic progress when applying for scholarships or studying abroad. In some cases, they are used as evidence that a person has passed an exam (for example: C1 level in English).

Mark sheets are typically prepared using software specifically designed to generate reports from databases. Many universities have their own systems for generating these reports from their database but often use commercial packages such as Banner Student Administration System (SAS) from Banner Health for this purpose.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022