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What Was In The Basement In Attack On Titan?

The basement is the place where all the titans are kept. The basement is a huge room with many cages. The basement is also where they keep the titan shifters who have been captured by the government. Throughout the series, there have been some minor changes to it, but overall it has mostly stayed the same.

The first time we saw the basement was when Eren and Mikasa went there in order to save Armin from being eaten by a titan. They were able to get him out with relative ease and he was not eaten by any titans while in their care. This was not always the case though as we later find out that this was part of a plan made by Commander Erwin Smith who wanted Eren to be eaten so he could see what would happen when a human bites into another human.

In episode 7 of season 2, we get another glimpse into what goes on in the basement when we see how Hannes’ body was treated after he was killed by Annie Leonhart. They removed his body parts and cleaned up his face so that no one would recognize him as an extra human (titan shifter). If you remember from season 1, they only use extra humans to fight other extra humans because they don.

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Last modified: September 19, 2022