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What Type Of Bullets Does A Draco Use ?

The Draco is a self-loading pistol chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, developed by TsNIITochMash in Russia. The Draco has been adopted by the Russian National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.

Draco pistols can be fitted with suppressors, but are not compatible with standard Western 9mm ammunition. Instead, they use special 9×19mm subsonic ammunition (with a muzzle velocity of 260 m/s) designed specifically for this weapon system by Tula Cartridge Works (TULAMMO). This ammunition can be used without a sound suppressor and is suitable for close range combat or as a backup weapon for special operations in urban terrain.

The Draco’s receiver is made from polymer reinforced by steel inserts. The bolt features an unusual cam-shaped locking lug that rotates into place when the bolt is closed to lock it against the barrel extension. This mechanism was designed to reduce the overall length of the weapon and increase its reliability under extreme conditions.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022