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What type of bra should seniors wear?

There are many different types of bras for seniors. There are those that have underwire, no underwire, padded cups and more. No matter what type you choose, they all have one thing in common: they provide support for your breasts and help them maintain their shape.

The first step in choosing a bra is to figure out what type of bra you need. This can be determined by the size of your breasts and how they fit into the cups. Do they spill over the top? Are they falling out of the bottom? Many women find that their cup sizes change as they age because their skin loses elasticity.

If you’re having trouble finding a bra that fits properly, try some of these tips:

Measure yourself before purchasing any new bras. You may want to purchase several sizes at once so you can try them on at home or return those that don’t fit correctly

Ask for help from a salesperson at the lingerie store; many stores have knowledgeable employees who know how to measure women for bras

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Last modified: August 3, 2022