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What Tools Do I Need To Change A Wheel Bearing?

The first step is to jack the car up and remove the wheel. You should also take off any tire or brake components that are in the way of getting at the hub assembly. This can include calipers, rotors and brake drums.

Once you’ve got access to the hub assembly, remove any cotter pins or clips that hold it together. If there are any snap rings, use snap ring pliers to remove them.

Once you’ve removed all of these parts, you can pull apart the hub assembly and inspect it for damage or wear. You’ll find either ball bearings (used in front hubs) or needle bearings (used in rear hubs). The ball bearings will be held in place by thrust washers while the needle bearings will be held by snap rings on both sides of each bearing race (where they meet). Be careful not to lose these parts as they are small and easily misplaced!

Now that you’ve inspected your hub assembly, you can begin replacing your old parts with new ones if necessary. First install new snap rings on each side of each bearing race then install new thrust washers next to each bearing race.

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Last modified: October 25, 2022