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What To Say Other Than Wyd ?

When you are texting someone, you may be tempted to try to be funny. However, the person on the receiving end of your text might not find it amusing at all. Instead of trying to be funny when texting someone, make sure that your text is clear and concise.

If you want to let a friend know that you’re ready to hang out or go somewhere, there are several different ways that you can do this. For example, you could say something like “I’m free tonight. What do you want to do?” or “I’m leaving now! Meet me at the mall in 20 minutes.” In each case, your friend will know exactly what time and place to meet you at.

If you have an upcoming event coming up such as a birthday party or wedding shower, it’s nice to let people know ahead of time so they can plan ahead and RSVP in time for the hostess’s planning purposes. You can use texting as a way to keep track of who’s coming and who isn’t coming so that she doesn’t have to spend hours calling people on the phone trying to figure out who won’t be attending her event after all.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022