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What Sounds Do Lizards Make ?

Lizards are reptiles that are native to every continent except Antarctica. They’re also one of the most common reptile pets in the world. Lizards are known for their ability to change color, but some species of lizard can also change shape and texture.

Lizards make a wide range of sounds. Some lizards make clicking noises by rubbing their mouthparts together; others make squeaking sounds by rubbing their lips against the sides of their jaws. Some species even make popping noises by using modified nasal cavities to produce vibrations in their skulls!

Some lizards have specialized throat structures that allow them to make loud hissing noises. The sound is produced when air flows through a small opening called the glottis, which opens and closes rapidly in response to nerve impulses from the brain stem. These hisses can be used as an alarm call or a defensive warning when predators approach too close or startle the lizard while it’s resting on a branch or tree trunk.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022