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What Should You Use To Gather Water And Lava?

If you’re going to use a bucket, make sure it’s empty first! Then right click on it with the water source block in your hand. The bucket will fill up with water. You can then throw the bucket at another location and repeat the process.

If you’re going to use an item frame, place it on the ground and then put a full water bucket inside of it. Then right click on it with any empty hand (not holding anything) and move your mouse cursor over the block of lava that you want to scoop up into the frame. The lava will be sucked into the frame and turn into obsidian which cannot be picked up again by right clicking on it with an empty hand (this is why we used an item frame).

You can also use a cauldron in order to grab water or lava; simply place an empty cauldron on top of a water or lava source block and right click on it while holding an empty bucket in your hand; this will fill up your cauldron with whatever liquid was there previously.

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Last modified: October 29, 2022