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What Organelle Is Missing From The Red Blood Cells?

Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell and their main function is to transport oxygen throughout the body. They are made in the bone marrow, which is located in the center of most bones. The red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a molecule that binds with oxygen and carries it through the bloodstream.

Red blood cells have no nucleus and are biconcave discs. They have a smooth surface and no rough endoplasmic reticulum or Golgi apparatus for making proteins. They do have mitochondria for energy production, however, these are fewer than other types of cells. Red blood cells also lack lysosomes, which means they cannot recycle waste products like other cells can.

The lack of these organelles results in red blood cells being more vulnerable to infection because they cannot fight off bacteria as well as other types of cells would be able to do so.

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Last modified: November 24, 2022