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What One Programmer Can Do In One Month?

If you are looking for a programmer, you should know what he can do for you. Let’s look at the example of one month, because it is the most convenient period.

You may ask: “What kind of productivity can I expect from my programmer?” If we take an average of 40 hours a week, then the answer is simple – 40 hours per week. If your project requires more than 40 hours of work each week, then this will be an additional cost that should be considered when developing your budget.

But what can we do in 40 hours per week? This depends on many factors:

Qualification level – experienced programmers spend less time on projects than beginners; experience helps to avoid mistakes and develop solutions faster;

Functional complexity – if the project is complex, then it will take longer to implement it; if there is no complex functionality (e.g., no database queries), then the project will be implemented more quickly;

Technical complexity – technically complex projects require more time than simple ones.

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Last modified: October 8, 2022