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What Is The Velvet Hat Trick?

The velvet hat trick is a simple method of determining the sex of your baby. The technique requires that you place a soft velvet hat on your belly and see if it stays put or if it falls off to one side. If the hat stays on top of your belly, it means there is no baby in there. However, if the hat falls off to one side or another, it means that you’re pregnant with a boy or girl.

This technique has been used for generations by mothers all over the world. It’s a reliable way to determine whether you’re having a boy or girl without having to spend any money on expensive pregnancy tests or ultrasounds. This trick works best during the first trimester of pregnancy when most women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet!

The velvet hat trick: How does it work?

The velvet hat trick is based on an ancient Chinese belief that boys have stronger yin energy than girls do, which manifests itself as stronger gravity pulls from above. This belief is also known as “the heavier nature of boys” theory (yin yang). If you wear a soft velvet cap over your belly, this means that there’s nothing inside you (because there is no baby). Therefore, the cap will sink down into.

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Last modified: November 1, 2022