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What Is The Opposite Of Amnesia ?

The opposite of amnesia is called eidetic memory. Eidetic memory means that you can remember images, sounds, and smells with perfect clarity. A person with eidetic memory can remember something as clearly as if they were looking at it.

Amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease are different types of brain disease that affect memory. Amnesia affects short-term memory, while Alzheimer’s can affect long-term memory.

Amnesia is a loss of memory caused by brain damage caused by a traumatic event or brain injury such as a stroke, head injury or infection like meningitis. Amnesia may also be the result of dementia, which is the loss of mental ability caused by aging.

People with amnesia may be unable to remember important events or facts from their past or they may only be able to recall things that happened after their brain damage occurred rather than before it happened (retrograde amnesia).

People who have suffered an episode of transient global amnesia report complete loss of recent memories such as what they ate for breakfast or where they parked their car today. They also may have difficulty remembering new information introduced after the episode occurred (anterograde amnesia).

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Last modified: August 9, 2022