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What Is The Only Rock That Is Edible For Humans?

Here’s a question that you can ask your friends to stump them: What is the only rock that is edible for humans?

You think you know the answer? Well, I’ll tell you then! It’s salt. Yes, salt is a mineral and an essential mineral for human health. It helps us regulate our body fluids and keeps our muscles working properly. It also prevents dehydration and keeps us from getting heat stroke. It even helps us digest food better so we can absorb more nutrients from what we eat.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “If it’s so important, why don’t we just eat it?” Well, we do eat it in small amounts every day in our food but most people don’t get enough of it because of how processed foods have been stripped of their natural minerals over time by industrial farming practices or overprocessing by food manufacturers during the manufacturing of their products.

So now that you know what rock is edible for humans, make sure to take your daily dose of salt so that you can stay healthy on the inside!

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Last modified: October 31, 2022