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What Is The Highest Gt Score?

There have been many GT scores on the SAT, but a perfect score is 1600. This means that you got every single question correct on your test.

The highest possible score on the SAT is 2400, but this is only possible if you take the optional essay section and get every single essay question right.

The next highest score after 2400 is 2120, which you can get by getting every single question right on multiple-choice sections and getting two of the three essay questions right.

The highest scores on individual sections are 800 for Math and Reading & Writing combined and 710 for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) and Mathematics. In other words, if you get every single question right in that section of the test, you’ll get an 800/800 score in it. All other scores are lower than this since some questions are worth more than others; there’s no way to get a perfect score in one section alone.

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Last modified: September 25, 2022