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What Is The Easiest Raid In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has a ton of different ways you can play. There’s the story campaign, which is very short and not very good. There’s the Crucible, which is a competitive multiplayer mode that’s more interesting than most but still flawed in some ways. Then there’s the Raids — the big team adventures that take hours to complete and require a good amount of coordination between players.

The first Destiny had one of the best Raids ever made: Vault of Glass. It was a sprawling, multi-stage affair with puzzles and difficult boss fights that would take you hours to finish. It was also extremely difficult and required dozens of hours of practice to master.

Destiny 2 doesn’t have anything like that. Instead, it has Leviathan — an incredibly easy Raid that can be completed by almost anyone who gives it half an hour.

I’m not exaggerating here: Leviathan takes no more than 30 minutes for competent players to complete on Normal difficulty. And when I say “half an hour” I mean two full runs through the entire thing — once with two people and once with three people — plus some extra time spent figuring out how things work (which you’ll do anyway).

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Last modified: November 26, 2022