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What Is The Best Metal Beyblade ?

Metal Beyblades are a type of Beyblade that has a metal wheel in place of the regular plastic wheel. The metal wheel is heavier and has more defense than the plastic wheel, but it also has less attack.

Metal Beyblades are often used by players who want to do attack combos without worrying about recoil. The metal wheels have more friction than plastic ones, so they stick better on a launcher and don’t bounce off as easily.

The Metal Fury series was the first to introduce an all-metal Beyblade, but it was not until later in its life cycle that Metal Fusion was released with its “Fusion Wheel” technology that allowed for metal wheels to be used in Beyblades again. Another new feature introduced in this line was the ability to use “Spin Track” parts with every part other than the tip being compatible with Spin Tracks.

The Fusion Wheel technology also enabled three new types of beys: Attacker, Defense and Stamina types which could be customized further through combinations of parts listed below.

Attackers- Has high attack power but low endurance, ideal for users who like performing combos or KOing opponents quickly.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022