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What Is Revoshift Friction?

what is revoshift friction?

Revoshift Friction is a patented, precision engineered friction technology that maximizes energy efficiency and driver performance. It does this by allowing drivers to shift with less effort and produces a smoother shift feel. Revoshift Friction also improves fuel economy by reducing the amount of energy lost in the transmission during each shift.

The goal of our engineers was to find a way to improve how drivers shift their vehicles, which led them to develop a unique friction material that is embedded in the transmission’s input shafts. This material creates a smooth and consistent surface that allows for faster and more efficient shifts.

Our engineers developed ways to measure frictional properties throughout the process of building our first prototype transmission and determined how much power could be saved if it were used in all transmissions. The results were impressive: up to 20% more power when compared with an OEM transmission without Revoshift Friction technology!

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Last modified: November 5, 2022