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What Is Reforge Legendary diablo 3?

Reforge legendary is a service where you can change the stats on your legendary item. This is a very popular service, mainly because it allows you to change stats on your items without having to level up or farm for another one.

Reforge legendary has been around since the game’s release, but it was not until later did it become more widely used. For example, during the early seasons of Diablo 3 (1-6), many players would use reforges if they wanted a certain stat combination on their equipment. However, during Season 7 there was an increase in demand for reforging, due to the introduction of new items and sets that could only be obtained through reforging.

The main reason why people would choose to reforge their gear is because they want to obtain a certain stat combination that they cannot get from normal drops or trading with other players. The most common reasons are:

To get high DPS weapons with high damage ranges so that they can compete with other players for leaderboards positions (most notably in Greater Rifts).

To obtain specific stats combinations on legendary items (for example: Crit Chance + Crit Damage).

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Last modified: November 21, 2022