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What Is Ppg In Basketball?

Points per game, or PPG, is a statistic that measures the average number of points scored by a single player per game. This metric can be useful when comparing players on different teams or during different seasons. Unlike some other statistics, such as rebounds and assists, which are team-based and require multiple players to contribute to their total value, points can be earned only by one player at a time.

In basketball

Why Points Per Game?

One of the most common uses for PPG is comparing players from different eras. If a player played during an era where there were fewer teams in the league and fewer games played per season, he might have fewer points than another player who played during a more recent era with more teams and more games played per season. The PPG stats allow you to compare those players based on their scoring output relative to the league average at that time.

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Last modified: October 28, 2022