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What Is Parkerized Barrel?

Parkerizing is a heat treatment process that converts carbon steel parts into a matte gray, hard protective finish. Parkerizing is sometimes called phosphating, which is an incorrect term because it implies that the phosphate chemical compound is used in the process.

Parkerized barrels are made by submerging the barrel in a phosphoric acid solution that penetrates the pores of the steel and gives it a rough, porous surface. This surface has microscopic grooves that act as friction points between the barrel and ammunition, preventing bullets from sliding down the barrel’s length. The grooves also help to dissipate heat as it builds up during firing, reducing stress on the metal and preventing cracks from forming.

An important benefit of parkerizing is that it provides good corrosion resistance compared to other types of finishes such as chrome plating or bluing — especially when exposed to salt water or humid environments — making it ideal for use on firearms meant for outdoor use or rough handling.

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Last modified: November 17, 2022