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What Is Materialistic Realism ?

Materialistic realism is a philosophical view that describes the world as made up of material objects. In other words, materialistic realism states that there are only two types of things: physical objects and our sense perceptions of those objects. This theory is often used to explain how humans see the world.

Materialistic realism can be seen as a direct response to idealism, which states that everything in the universe exists only in our minds. Materialism asserts that reality exists outside of human experience, making it possible to study through experimentation and observation. It also asserts that science can be used to explain this reality.

Materialistic realism has its roots in ancient Greece with Democritus, who was one of the first people to develop atomic theory. He believed that everything could be broken down into tiny particles called atoms. These atoms could then be rearranged into different shapes and forms, but they would always retain their original identity as individual atoms.

In modern times, Karl Marx developed a materialist theory called dialectical materialism which combined both Marxist economics and Hegelian dialectics. Dialectical materialism asserts that history moves through a series of contradictions (thesis and antithesis) until we reach an essential truth or synthesis; this is not unlike how Newtonian physics works.

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Last modified: August 11, 2022