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What Is Gogeta Blue Power Level ?

Gogeta Blue is one of the most powerful forms of Gogeta, but also the most difficult to control. It is his equivalent of Super Saiyan 4.

Gogeta Blue was first introduced in a Dragon Ball Heroes promotional video, where it was shown that he can transform into this form by powering up while having Goku and Vegeta in his body. This allows him to fuse with them in the same way as Gogeta Red and Gogeta Black.

In this form, Gogeta’s hair becomes white and his eyes become blue. His clothing changes drastically as well, with his pants becoming white, his belt turning white, and his shoes changing from black to white. The first time he appeared in this form was in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission when he fought against Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta – Xeno. He later appeared again when he fought against Baby Vegeta – Xeno again after the latter had absorbed Golden Great Ape Turles – Xeno (who had absorbed Great Ape Cunber). In both fights, Gogeta Blue managed to overpower both villains easily due to their inexperience with their new forms, although they did manage to land some hits on him in both fights.

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Last modified: August 7, 2022