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What Is Conscious Cocial Commentary?

Conscious social commentary is the practice of using art to make a statement about society. It can be done in several ways, including painting and drawing, writing poetry or prose, and making films. This is a way for artists to express their feelings about things that are happening in society or how they feel about certain issues.

Artists use different types of media to make their work stand out from other artists’ work. Some people use photography or video footage as their medium of choice; others may choose to draw on paper or create sculptures out of clay instead. The medium does not matter as much as what the artist has to say about his or her subject matter.

Conscious social commentary can be found in many different genres of art: painting, photography, sculpture and even film-making. It is usually created with the intention of inspiring thought or changing someone’s mind about an issue they may have never considered before. This type of art often reflects on current events and trends in society so that viewers can see what is happening around them at any given time. A good example of conscious social commentary would be Banksy’s “The Flower Thrower” graffiti mural painted on a wall in Bethlehem.

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Last modified: September 19, 2022