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What Is A Turnout Lane?

A turnout lane is a section of road that can be used as a traffic lane or as a turning lane. The term “turnout” is often used interchangeably with “exit ramp”.

Turnouts are often used to connect two sections of highway, or to allow traffic to move from one direction to another. They are also used in freeway interchanges and at on-ramps and off-ramps.

A typical exit ramp will have two turnouts (or “exit lanes”) which allow vehicles leaving the highway to merge with traffic approaching from both sides. The first is usually placed before the last exit before the ramp connects back to the main highway, while the second is placed just before the actual ramp begins. Some exits have more than two turnouts – this allows vehicles waiting on either side of an exit ramp to merge into one single line so that they can leave more quickly without having to wait behind other vehicles.[1]

On-ramps also use turnouts at their entrances and exits, but these are typically longer than those found on exit ramps. On ramps use long turnouts because there are often many lanes merging into one heading onto the highway; if there were no turnouts then drivers would not be able to merge safely into traffic.

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Last modified: October 13, 2022