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What Is A Cafci Breaker?

Cafci breakers are one of the most popular types of firefighting equipment. These devices are often used by firefighters to quickly extinguish small fires in locations that are inaccessible to water or foam.

Cafci breakers have been around for decades, but their usage has increased over the years as more people become aware of their benefits. The devices are often used by law enforcement officers and first responders who need to be able to put out fires quickly and safely.

Cafci breakers use compressed air to create a powerful stream of gas that can be used to extinguish small fires. This is an effective way to stop fires from spreading or causing damage in other ways. Cafci breakers can also be used for other purposes such as clearing debris from roadways after an accident occurs.

Firefighters use cafci breakers because they are easy to use and effective at stopping small fires from spreading or causing serious damage. They can also be used in areas where using water or foam would cause more harm than good due to property damage or the risk of injury.

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Last modified: November 14, 2022