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What Is A Bunch Of Sharks Called?

The term “shark” refers to a broad set of fish. Sharks are found in all oceans, though they are most abundant in the seas and oceans.

A shark is an aquatic carnivore that has five major features that differentiate it from other fish. The first is the mouth, which is made up of sharp teeth. The second feature is a cartilaginous skeleton, which means that it has no bones, but instead uses cartilage to support its body.

Thirdly, sharks have gills for breathing and have an oily liver for digestion. Fourthly, sharks are covered in dermal denticles or placoid scales, which are similar to teeth. Finally, all sharks have two dorsal fins on their backs with one being bigger than the other.

Sharks can be separated into three groups based on how they feed: benthic feeders (bottom dwellers), planktivores (plankton nibblers) and pelagic hunters (open ocean hunters).

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Last modified: November 26, 2022