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What is A Birmingham Style House?

Birmingham, Alabama is the birthplace of the American Craftsman style, so it’s no surprise that many homes in this area have Craftsman elements. The Birmingham Style House is a variation on the Craftsman style, incorporating some of its most popular features while introducing others that make it unique.

The Birmingham Style House was born when builders and architects took what they loved about the Craftsman style and added their own touches to create something new. The result was a home with plenty of character, detail work, and handcrafted touches.

What Makes a Birmingham Style House?

The most important thing about a Birmingham Style House is its use of natural materials like wood and stone. That’s why you’ll often see these homes with exposed beams or columns designed to showcase their natural beauty. These homes also feature large windows that let in plenty of light — often with panes stained glass or leaded glass — and open porches that invite guests into your home’s interior spaces.

Birmingham Style Houses are typically one story tall with pitched roofs or gables that remind us of barns or stables. The style also uses plenty of decorative details like brackets, trim pieces, spandrels (the space between two windows), shutters.

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Last modified: October 26, 2022