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What If The Uchiha Massacre Never Happened Fanfiction?

Naruto had always been a little bit of an outcast, but he didn’t care. He had only his mother and his father who loved him. When he was eight, she died and he was left alone in the world with his father.

He never knew why, but people always seemed to think that he was weird. They would call him names and try to beat him up. Naruto didn’t know why they did it, but it hurt him so much that he ran away from home into the woods where no one could find him.

After days of running away from home, Naruto found himself on top of a mountain looking down at the village below. He saw people walking around doing their everyday things like shopping and cooking dinner while others were training or fighting each other in battle fields. He remembered watching them fight when he was younger and thinking how cool they looked doing all those moves that made them so strong.

He saw one boy who looked about his age standing outside of the gates with a big smile on his face as if he knew something everyone else didn’t know about what was happening down below in the village itself. The boy had short spiky blond hair that covered most of his forehead normally; however today there were two.

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Last modified: September 6, 2022