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What Happens If You Boil Bleach?

If you mix bleach with other chemicals, the result can be explosive. This is especially true of sodium hypochlorite, which is used to make bleach.

If you add a small amount of sodium hypochlorite to water, it will dissolve in the water and become regular chlorine gas. The reaction occurs because the chlorine atoms in sodium hypochlorite are more reactive than those in hydrogen peroxide or sodium hydroxide, so they disassociate from their molecules and form new ones.

When you add bleach to water, it dissolves into a solution called sodium hypochlorite. The sodium hypochlorite reacts with water and forms the compound hydrochloric acid (HCl). This acid can cause burns and damage your skin if it gets on your hands or face, so always wear gloves when handling it or cleaning with bleach. You should also wear safety glasses when mixing bleach and water since HCl forms tiny droplets that can get into your eyes and sting them.

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Last modified: November 7, 2022