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What Happens If Pcv Valve Is Disconnected ?

If you disconnect the PCV valve, it will cause your engine to run rich and not burn off any of the oil in the combustion chamber which can lead to carbon build up on your valves.

The PCV valve helps ventilate gases from the crankcase (the area under the engine where oil is stored) back into the intake manifold. This prevents pressure buildup in the crankcase, which can lead to oil leaks.

If you remove your PCV valve, you need to find a way to ventilate the crankcase so that it doesn’t get pressurized and blow oil all over your engine bay. My recommendation would be to install an aftermarket catch can with a PCV valve built into it. This will allow you to ventilate gases from the crankcase so they don’t build up pressure, but also collect them so they don’t drip out onto your exhaust manifold or underhood wiring harnesses!

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Last modified: August 14, 2022