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What Happened To Mike At The End Of Sing 2?

Mike is the main character in Sing 2. He is a koala who lives in a town called Garbo and has dreams of becoming a famous singer. Mike can be described as very sweet, kind and gentle.

In the first movie, Mike was an orphan who was taken care of by Buster Moon’s mother. He had no parents and at first he was very sad because of that but later on he found out that his parents were still alive and they turned out to be rich people who didn’t even know that they had a son! So at the end of the movie Mike went back to his real family with them happy.

In this second movie we see that Mike’s dad wants him to become a doctor which is why he tries so hard to study hard but since he doesn’t get any grades higher than C he doesn’t have enough money for college so he goes back to Garbo where Buster Moon offers him a job as an assistant manager in his theater which makes him happy again!

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Last modified: October 1, 2022