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What Happened To Jenna On Pll ?

Jenna Cavanaugh is a character in the Pretty Little Liars television series on ABC Family. She is portrayed by Tammin Sursok.

Jenna was adopted by Pam Fields and Jim Cavanaugh, which allowed her to become part of their family even though she wasn’t related to them. Jenna was born in Australia, where her biological mother died from childbirth complications. Her father abandoned her shortly after she was born, leaving Jenna with no family or friends.

Jenna has been friends with Hanna Marin since they were children and is good friends with Spencer Hastings as well. She dated Wren Kingston for a short time before breaking up with him because he wanted to take things further than she did at the time. After their breakup, he took an interest in Spencer but it didn’t last long and soon after he left Rosewood for grad school in New York City.

In Season 2A, it’s revealed that Jenna had been taking prescription drugs which made her act strange around the other Liars and caused them to question whether or not she was really their friend anymore. She also began acting strangely towards Toby Cavanaugh when he joined the PLLs’ school basketball team due to an unexplainable attraction towards him despite knowing how much her.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022