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What Elements Can Naruto Use?

Naruto is a very talented ninja, and he’s skilled in all of the basic elements: fire, earth, water, wind, and lightning. He can also use Yin-Yang Release, which combines the five basic elements into one super element.

Fire Release

This is one of Naruto’s most common attacks. He can use it to engulf his opponents in flames or shoot fireballs at them. The attack has many variations, including the Great Fireball Technique and the Fire Release: Toad Oil Bullet.

Earth Release

Naruto uses this element to create living creatures like Gamakichi or Gamaken that can attack enemies for him or help him defeat them more easily. He can also use it to create walls or barriers to protect himself when fighting against other ninja who are good at close combat; however, these walls don’t last long because they aren’t strong enough to withstand attacks from stronger ninjas like Sasuke Uchiha or Madara Uchiha without being destroyed.

Lightning Release

This is another one of Naruto’s main elements since it allows him to move very quickly across long distances by shooting electricity out of his hands and feet so that he can reach his opponent faster than they expect him to be able.

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Last modified: October 3, 2022