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What Does Wearing A Foxtail Mean?

In the past, fox tails were worn as a symbol of victory, and they are still used today to show that one has been successful at hunting. As an example, they were given to Native Americans who had killed their first buffalo.

The fox tail can also be worn as a sign of good luck. In some cultures, it is believed that you will gain wisdom if you hang a fox tail above your door or near your bed. The fox is also thought to have magical powers and wearing a fox tail can help protect against evil spirits and bring good luck.

In some countries, there are superstitions surrounding fox tails. For example, in India, it is thought that if you wear one on your belt or around your neck then it will ward off evil spirits and protect against illness. In Morocco, it’s believed that wearing one around your neck will protect you from drowning by keeping water from going into your lungs while drowning (this belief comes from the fact that foxes are known for being able to keep their heads above water when swimming).

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Last modified: September 25, 2022