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What Does The Strong Brew Button Do?

The strong brew button is a feature on some coffee machines that allows you to make stronger coffee.

The strong brew button is an optional feature that lets you brew stronger coffee, such as espresso or Peruvian coffee. This is different from the regular brew button, which will produce a standard cup of drip-brewed coffee. The strong brew button will not produce espresso at all.

The strength of your coffee depends on two factors: water temperature and grind size (or fineness). The hotter the water, the more soluble solids it has, and therefore the more caffeine it has. The finer your grind, the more exposed surface area there is on each particle of grounds, and therefore the more caffeine they can extract from the water passing over them.

Coffee strength can also be increased by using a longer extraction time (how long it takes for all the water to pass through your grounds) and/or by increasing pressure (by increasing steep time or decreasing grind fineness).

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Last modified: November 18, 2022