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What Does Tal Mean In Spanish?

Tal can have a number of meanings, depending on the context. It’s often used to ask for a person’s opinion about something, as in ¿Qué tal? (“How are you?”). Tal can also be used to mean “that way,” as in ¿Cómo está hoy? — Tal bien (“How are you today? I’m doing well”).

Tal is also used to refer to things that are alike or of the same kind. For example:

La maestra nos dijo que debíamos estudiar nuestros libros y aprender las lecciones tal como ella las había dicho. (The teacher told us that we had to study our books and learn the lessons just as she had taught them.)

Mañana me voy a la escuela. ¡Qué tal si vienes conmigo! (Tomorrow I’m going to school. How about if you come with me!)

It’s important to note that when tal is used to mean “such” or “like this,” it should always be followed by an adjective or adverb rather than an article.

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Last modified: October 4, 2022