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What Does Takbeer Mean?

Takbeer is a phrase that means “Allah is the greatest”. It is usually said before performing a good deed, such as praying or fasting. It is also said on other occasions, such as when entering or leaving the mosque or upon waking up from sleep.

The phrase is repeated aloud by Muslims in all parts of the world several times daily. The phrases vary according to circumstances, but they all mean essentially the same thing: “Allah is the greatest.”

The word takbeer comes from the Arabic verb kabaara which means “to praise.” In its simplest form, takbeer could mean just saying Allahu Akbar (God is Great) to express one’s love for God and gratitude for His blessings. The phrase has been used by Muslims since ancient times as an expression of their faith and devotion to Allah (God).

Takbeer in Prayer

In prayer, Muslims say takbeer three times before they begin their prayer and after each raka’ah (cycle of standing, bowing down and prostrating oneself). They also say it when they finish their prayer. The following are examples of how takbeer might sound during prayer.

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Last modified: October 26, 2022