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What Does Show And Prove Mean?

Show and prove is a phrase used in the United States that refers to a legal process in which a party must show that they have evidence of their claim, at which point the other party has the opportunity to provide evidence rebutting it.

Show and prove may be used when there are allegations that someone has committed a crime, and one or both parties want to collect evidence supporting or refuting this claim. The phrase is also used when a person believes they have been wronged by another but does not know how to prove it. In this case, they may ask for help from others to collect evidence of their claim, which they would then present at trial or other legal proceeding.

Show and prove is also used in business settings when employees use company resources for personal gain or profit. In this case, management may ask employees to show proof that these activities are taking place and take action based on this evidence.

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Last modified: September 24, 2022