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What Does No Comment Mean?

No comment is a phrase used to indicate that someone is unwilling or unable to discuss an issue. No comment is often used as a response to questions that might put the person being questioned in an awkward situation, or which they consider too personal. It may also be used when a person has been accused of something but has not been charged with a crime and therefore cannot legally defend themselves.

No comment can also mean “I have nothing to say on this matter,” but it can also mean “I don’t want to answer” or “I’m not going to say anything else.” The phrase’s literal meaning is “no comment about [whatever]” or “no further comment on [whatever].”

In some cases, no comments can be used as a form of censorship where information is withheld from the public for privacy reasons or because releasing it could compromise national security. No comment may also be used as a way of avoiding answering difficult questions. A person who says no comment is often attempting to avoid embarrassment and maintain their reputation while avoiding any legal trouble that could result from admitting wrongdoing.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022