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What Does No Checked Baggage Mean?

No checked baggage means you are not allowed to check any baggage or luggage. It is a very common term used by airlines, especially when they want to make sure that you carry only hand-luggage on the flight.

The reason behind the implementation of this policy is that it helps in reducing the number of bags that need to be loaded in the cabin and also reduces the chances of any damage caused during the transit time.

It also helps in avoiding any delays in loading or unloading of bags from the aircrafts as well as keeping an eye on how much space is available for passengers within the cabin.

In addition, it also prevents passengers from overloading themselves with unnecessary things which may cause health risks for them during their journey.

These days most airlines are implementing this rule more strictly because many people do not follow it properly and carry heavy luggage which may result in bad consequences.

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Last modified: November 24, 2022