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What Does Moderated Mean On Badoo?

Moderated means that you are a member of a group or community and the group or community owner has chosen to approve your membership request before you can actually join. This is done because they want to ensure that only people who meet their group’s criteria get to join.

An example of this is if you’re trying to join a private club, but they don’t let just anybody in. When they see your request, they can approve it or reject it. If they reject it, then the request will be sent back to the person who made it so that person can try again with a new application.

This feature is also used by dating sites like Badoo when you sign up for an account: after filling out all the necessary information about yourself and your preferences (like age range, etc.), you will have to wait for approval before being allowed access to the site’s services.

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Last modified: October 1, 2022