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What Does Meta Mean In Clash Royale ?

Meta is the current state of the game. It’s what everyone is using to win, and how they’re using it.

In Clash Royale, meta means “the most effective strategy”. When you say a deck is meta, you mean that it can beat almost any other deck in the game right now. Meta decks are usually those with high winrates, but not always. For example, Royal Giant decks have low winrates but are considered to be meta at this time because they’re so good against Giant Beatdown decks like LavaLoon and Lavaloonion.

Meta is also used to refer to the way people play their cards. For example, people may use troops as meat shields or in groups of two or three instead of soloing them because that’s how everyone else does it these days.

If you want an easy way to get acquainted with what meta means in Clash Royale, just look at the top players on ladder at any given time and see what decks they are playing!

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Last modified: August 11, 2022