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What Does Lob In Baseball Mean ?

The lob is a type of pitch in baseball. It is similar to a changeup but thrown with less velocity and more arc. It is primarily used by pitchers who have an off-speed pitch that is much better than their fastball.

The lob can be thrown with either a palmball grip or a screwball grip. The palmball lob is gripped like a fastball in that the index and middle fingers are placed over the top of the baseball, with the thumb underneath it. The screwball lob is gripped like a curveball, with the index and middle fingers gripping on one side of the ball and thumb on the other side.

The main purpose of lobbing is to get batters to commit early to swinging at pitches they think will be strikes. The speed difference between the fastball and changeup or forkball makes it difficult for batters to react quickly enough to make solid contact with the ball before it reaches home plate.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022