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What Does It Mean When A Cat Watches You Sleep ?

Cats are very intuitive animals. They can sense if you’re feeling down or upset, and will often come up to you and try to make you feel better by rubbing against your leg or purring.

Cats have many ways of showing their affection for humans — rubbing against their legs, purring, meowing, even licking their owners’ faces. But perhaps one of the most touching ways is when they sleep next to their owners at night.

Here are some reasons why cats love sleeping next to us:


Cats love being close to their owners because it gives them a sense of security. Even if you’re not in the room, they know where you are and that makes them feel safe enough to fall asleep right next to you.


Cats like being warm, so they’ll usually sit on top of your bed sheets while they sleep. This way they can be as close as possible without getting too hot! Cats also like being cozy, so they’ll often curl up into a ball under the covers with their tails sticking out – which makes them look like adorable little fur balls!

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Last modified: August 16, 2022