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What Does It Mean When A Cat Licks Your Feet ?

The cat that licks your feet probably has affection for you and wants to show it. This is a sign of love and affection. Cats are very in tune with their owners and can sense their moods. When the cat does this, he or she is trying to comfort you or make you feel better.

Cats have special glands on their paws that produce scent pheromones. They use these glands to mark their territory. When they lick your feet, it’s like they’re marking you as theirs by leaving their scent on you!

The licking may also be due to allergies or parasites in their digestive tract that cause them to itch constantly. They may be attempting to relieve some of the discomfort by licking themselves or other objects around them — including you!

Licking is also a way for cats to communicate with each other, so if your cat licks other people’s feet, he’s telling them that he likes them too!

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Last modified: August 12, 2022