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What Does Get Knotted Mean?

In knitting, a knot is a type of stitch. It’s also called a knit stitch in the United States.

A knot is a special kind of stitch that forms a loop on the right side of your work. You can make knots by knitting into the back or front of a stitch, then twisting the working yarn so that the loop is created on the wrong side of the work.

To create knots in your knitting, you will need to use two needles instead of one.

When you knit with two needles, you are actually creating two stitches at once. The first needle holds one stitch while you create another stitch on another needle. When you knit with two needles, your stitches don’t fall off one end like they do when you knit with just one needle — instead, they stay connected together and form what looks like one long piece of knitting!

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Last modified: September 18, 2022