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What Does Ace Mean In Tennis?

The ace is a special shot in tennis that can be very deceptive. It’s one of the most difficult shots to master, but once you do, it’ll make your game so much better.

Aces are often used as a way to finish off a point. They’re hit when your opponent has no other choice but to return it back over the net. Many players will try to hit an ace when they’re ahead in the score and need to take control of the game by getting rid of their opponent’s last chance at winning.

Aces are also used as a tool for breaking up an opponent’s rhythm or confidence during play. If you’ve been serving well all match, an ace can throw off your opponent enough that he’ll start second-guessing himself and possibly lose his rhythm on his next serve.

It’s important not to think of an ace as simply hitting over your partner’s head with power; rather think of it as hitting through him or her without allowing any space between their position on the court and yours.

If you want a good idea of where your partner’s position should be when you’re preparing to serve (which makes it easier to see if there are any openings), look at where they stand when they’re walking toward the net after.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022