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What Does A 5 Leaf Clover Mean In Black Clover?

A five leaf clover is a rare phenomenon in nature, where the clover has five leaves instead of the usual three. The Irish believe that finding a five leaf clover can bring good fortune.

In the series Black Clover, Asta’s Sword Magic is a 5 Leaf Clover. In episode 3, Asta finds his sword and discovers that it’s a five leaf clover sword. This means that Asta has a deep connection with nature and will have great power if he uses his magic correctly.

In episode 4, Asta discovers that he has lost all of his mana from using too much magic in one day so he lies down by the lake to rest. While resting there he sees an illusion of himself as an adult in front of him and then sees another illusion behind him which turns out to be Yuno who tells him that what he saw earlier was just an illusion created by his imagination which caused him to lose all of his mana.

In episode 5, during their fight against Fuegoleon Vermillion and Rill Boismortier, both Asta and Yuno discover that they’re able to combine their magic together which allows them both to use 5 Leaf Clovers at once.

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Last modified: November 16, 2022