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What Does 925 Han Mean On Jewelry?

925 is the symbol of purity and high quality. It’s a hallmark that indicates that a piece of jewelry has been made with 24 karat gold. However, it’s important to know that this mark doesn’t guarantee that the entire piece of jewelry has been made from pure gold.

What does 925 mean?

The 925 mark indicates that the item you are purchasing is at least 92.5% pure gold. The .5% is left out because it cannot be tested with modern equipment and would be too difficult to prove without taking apart the entire piece of jewelry. This makes it impossible for jewelry manufacturers to include it in their product labeling.

How do you know if your jewelry is really made from 925 karat gold?

The only way to know what karats your jewelry is made from is by testing it yourself with a special tool called an acid test kit or jeweler’s loupe. This will allow you to test any piece of jewelry and determine its purity level by seeing how much color change occurs when you rub the item against an acid pad, which changes color depending on how much silver or copper is present in the alloy.

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Last modified: September 19, 2022